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Shit's Rough: Let's Talk About It

This episode isn't on topic at all.

Shit has been really rough for everyone this past year and we wanted to take time to address that. This is our wellness check.

We haven't been updating weekly as life has just gotten beyond overwhelming. We take time to talk about our own personal 2020 struggles, those that we've lost, how it's all impacting our day-to-day, and that IT IS okay to NOT be okay. This episode is raw and unedited. We get really deep, and let out a ton of our own bottled up emotions.

You can skip this one if you wish to. But if you need a virtual, socially distanced hug and need to hear that you're not the only one struggling- This one is for you.

TRIGGER WARNING: Self harm, drug use, drinking, and suicide is talked about in this episode.

If you struggle with these issues and need to talk, you can reach out to us anytime to chat, or get in contact with a Suicide Prevention Organization if you're having thoughts of suicide. Here are some resources for you: &


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